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    Section I: Welcome to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. Welcome. Exploring the basic features of CorelDRAW. .. Setting security options for PDF files. .. For more information about these new learning tools, see “Getting help” on page I have Corel Draw X4 textbook but i learn better with tutorials because i have I want a site where i can download pdf files containing Core X3 tutorials so i can. Publishing your presentation as a full screen PDF. 1. First steps. You can create great looking presentation graphics with CorelDRAW X3. To show your.

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    Corel Draw Graphic Suite X3 Tutorials Pdf File

    In this tutorial, Anand Dixit, CorelDRAW Master, graphic designer and trainer will . Open, edit and import Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files in CorelDRAW . Working with Photoshop files in CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite by Ariel. This tutorial is designed to help you master the basics of CorelDRAW and learn Graphics Suite X3 User Guide and the VersaLaser™ Safety, Installation and. DesignContest Forum - PDF download tutorials - Corel DRAW. I want a site where i can download pdf files containing Core X3 tutorials so Watch the Online Video Course CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 Essential Training.

    Whether they are design professionals on deadline or small business owners creating their own marketing materials, customers will enjoy a significant productivity boost from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. The suite simplifies the design process for projects of any scale, including logo creation, professional marketing brochures, and eye-catching signs. Corel product team members work closely with customers from various industries, gathering their feedback and spending days at their deskside to watch how they work. As a result, the latest version of the suite addresses customer needs better than ever before. Graphics professionals and business users will find new enhancements and features that will have a dramatic impact on their day-to-day productivity. The latest version of our award-winning suite is solid proof of the positive impact this philosophy has on our customers," said Nick Davies, General Manager Graphics for Corel. For control and flexibility, Corel PowerTRACE generates a color palette, enabling users to easily pick which colors appear in the traced result and quickly convert them to the appropriate color mode including spot colors.

    For example, this tool will fill areas of a line that crosses over itself. The black lines on this fish are one continuous curve. But Smart Fill correctly guessed the boundary of one diamond I wanted to fill with turquoise.

    Click on the image for a larger view. Until now, if you wanted to break off part of an object, you had to tediously cut nodes and delete them.

    Getting Started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3

    X3 introduces the Crop tool, which works just like the bitmap counterpart. Select the area you want to retain and double-click inside it to trim off the region outside of the selection. To crop this object, I selected the area I wanted to keep and double-clicked inside it. Cropping accomplished!

    The United States gets a new border courtesy of the Create Boundary command. Improved Draw Goodies Although the new features are welcome, I was happier with improvements to old standbys, especially for drawing and output. I think the most important addition is the Reduce Nodes command. Imported and vectorized bitmaps often have thousands of nodes — most of which are unnecessary and make editing and printing problematic.

    I imported a fairly simple WMF file that contain nodes. The Node Reduction command took this number down to 48 without affecting the shape of the curve. And, in addition to the traditional, rectangular marquee, you can now opt to use a freehand marquee for node selection.

    The new control handles make it much easier to control object shaping. For starters, there are character and paragraph formatting dockers for controlling text appearance these dockers are also available in Photo-Paint. If you wish, you can have Draw X3 automatically hyphenate your document. The available options here are more advanced than those available in my desktop publishing program sigh.

    For example, you can disallow the breaking of words with one or more capital letters. Corel also improved the Fit Text to Path tool. In earlier versions, this feature was a bit hit-or-miss, but in X3, control is quite intuitive, thanks to a new context toolbar. Importing EPS files is a much more pleasant experience — you can choose to import the file as editable, with or without text converted to curves.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - Tutorials

    Or you can simply place the files as Encapsulated EPS. I tested this feature with a file that I could only import as encapsulated EPS in CorelDraw Version 12, and sure enough, in X3 the file imported perfectly and was completely editable. PDF import is much more intelligent and includes an option to import text either as editable or as curves.

    Photo-Paint is a powerful image editor on par with the far pricier Photoshop and contains capabilities not available in that high-priced program, such as artistic brushes and a basic movie editor. You can flip back and forth between the two programs with a flick of the mouse.

    You have now created a horizontal line. Put your company logo into the right top frame by selecting the File-menu Import. Browse your computer to find the logo, and click the Import button in the Import dialog box. Feel free to experiment with the different information containers.

    The previous image shows another example, in which the left bottom frame will contain navigational buttons. Now you can start to work on the content of the individual pages.

    To switch from the Master page to the individual pages, double click the page icons:. See the first picture in this tutorial. Creating pie charts. In the second page example you will see a pie chart. Here is how:. Start by drawing a circle with the Ellipse Tool. Fill it with a light orange colour.

    Copy the circle, and paste it 4 times. Each of the circles must be sliced in order to create a pie chart like the one shown in the picture.

    CorelDRAW X3 has a feature that makes it possible to transform a circle into pie-pieces or line-segments. You can control this feature with the Shape Tool. Select the top circle, and select the Shape Tool. Now the outline of the circle will appear with a dotted line and an anchor point at the top of the circle.

    When you drag this anchor point counter clockwise, you create pie slices by dragging inside the circle, and line-segments, when you drag outside the circle. Give the piece a darker orange colour, by Ctrl-clicking the black colour in the colour-palette once or twice. Or use whatever colour you like. Repeat the steps with the other circles, making the slices bigger and darker in colour as you go along.

    Creating flow charts Another way to communicate complex matters is by using a flow chart. And you can also connect the symbols with lines that snap to the symbols. When you rearrange the symbols in the chart, the lines will follow the symbols. This line of tools contains many ready made shapes for you to use. Among the tools are the Flowchart Shapes. When you click this tool, the Property Bar will reveal the available shapes, when you click the Perfect Shapes button.

    Select one of the shapes, and drag your mouse to create the chosen shape.

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    Create further shapes to finish the flowchart. Add text and shadows. How do you add shadows? In this line of tools, you can find the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool. Select the shape that you want to apply the shadow to, and then select the Drop Shadow Tool. Drag the mouse out from the shape and you have created the shadow. Finish the flowchart by creating lines that connect the shapes. You can change the thickness of all the lines in the Property Bar. You can also add arrow heads to the lines.

    This means, that if you decide to change the order of the shapes, the lines rearrange accordingly. Creating interactive navigational buttons As you can see in the pictures of this tutorial, there are some navigational buttons in the bottom left box.

    These are in the form of triangles, that points to the first page, the previous page, next page and the last page. You can make everything in your drawing interactive. The easiest way to do this is to select the button symbol and then right-clicking, and selecting Internet Links in the drop down menu.

    You then have a list of choices including a list of the pages in your document. You just have to select the appropriate page for your button.

    In the right bottom corner of this box, click on the Settings button and another more complex dialog box opens:. Click on the Document option, and select Full Screen and Include hyperlinks.

    Finish by clicking the OK button. Toggle navigation. Discovery Center.

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